Haines Little League Tournament

All the games are at Fair Field

JUly 17th    3 pm    Prince of Wales vs Sitka Little League
            6 pm    HAINES vs. Ketchikan

July 18th    3 pm    Ketchikan vs. Sitka
            6 pm    Prince of Wales vs. Juneau

July 19th    3 pm    Juneau vs. Sitka
            6 pm    HAINES vs. Prince of Wales

July 20th    3 pm    Ketchikan vs. Juneau    
            6 pm    HAINES vs Sitka

July 21st    10 am    Ketchikan vs. Prince of Wales
            1 pm    HAINES vs Juneau
            3 pm    Home Run Derby and Games

July 22nd    1 pm    Little League Championship Game