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Coming to Haines?

The best source of visitor info for the Haines area is the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau Site or the the Chamber of Commerce Site.

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Q: Are there any movie theaters in the immediate area? If not where is the closest theater to Haines?
A: There are no movie theaters in Haines. Juneau is probably the closest.

Q: I’m reading different info about the ferries between Haines and Skagway. I have a 24′ RV. Which would I take? How many of these would leave Haines daily?
A: The Alaska Marine Highway is the only ferry that can accommodate vehicles. See for schedules.

Q: Sorry, I’m a Spanish speaking woman and looking at the FAQ I found that the population of Haines is 2,392 but then, in another question it says that 1,800 people live in winter in Haines borough and about 2,450 in summer. Which one is the correct or is there a difference between town and borough. Thanks.
A: The population of Haines fluctuates seasonally. These numbers are for the entire borough and are pretty accurate.

Q: Hello everybody, just one question: what is the distance between Haines and Juneau by ferry and what time does it take by ferry? Best from Germany (Haines is so beautiful!) Christof
A: Juneau is 80 miles away and the ferry trip takes either 2.5 hrs on the fast ferry and 4.5 hrs on the slower boats.

Q: Do you have a Grocery Store?
A: Haines has two full-service grocery stores and several smaller convenience stores that sell groceries.

Q: What is the sailing like in Haines? Does someone offer charters?
A: Several folks have sailing boats in Haines and there is almost always wind. There are no official sailing charters, but certain captains have been known to take folks out for a spin.

Q: Is daycare available?
A: There are several daycare businesses in Haines.

Q: When is the king salmon derby?
A: The King Salmon Derby is typically held over the Memorial Day weekend.

Q: Are there any elder services in Haines?
A: There is a senior center, Assisted Living facility (see, clinic and a hospice group.

Q: I am Flying into Haines. Is there a Taxi service available?
A: There is a taxi in town: Anytime Taxi and Tours 907-303-9246 or 907-303-8984.

Q: We will be in Alaska in June 2009 with a truck/5th wheel. Can we travel Haines-Skagway with this unit on a ferry, and the cost?
A: Yes, via the The Alaska Marine Highway. Check their website for pricing.

Q: How is the snow in Haines?
A: Check out the Haines Snow and Ice report for the latest information about Haines snow conditions.

Q: Can you have a truck on the ferry from Skagway to Haines?
A: Yes, cars and trucks can travel between Haines and Skagway on the Alaska Marine Highway ferries.

Q: Do you have a pharmacy?
A: There is a pharmacy in the SEARHC medical clinic.

Q: Is there a public laundry within walking distance from where Cruise West docks?
A: There are three public laundries within walking distance of the docks.

Q: Is there a ferry from Skagway?
A: There are daily ferries between Skagway and Haines: The Alaska Marine Highway (if you have a car) and the Haines Skagway Fast Ferry (pedestrian’s only).

Q: I am an RN with Master degree and many years of experience. What is the job market like?
A: The best source for this information is the Haines Chamber of Commerce

Q: Are there any small houses for sale in Haines? I am considering moving to Haines. Thank you.
A: There are several Real Estate agencies in Haines and many For Sale By Owner opportunities.

Q: If I got off the ferry at Haines at 7.15am on Thursday 28 Aug. in order to spend the day in Haines to avoid the cruise crowds in Skagway. 1.Is there anywhere I could leave my luggage and 2. What is the last fast boat that goes to Skagway on Thursday, August 28 , how much is it and where does it go from.
A: For specific travel related questions like this, please contact the friendly folks at the Haines Convention and Visitors Bureau at

Q: Where can I find information about churches in Haines?
A: Check out our Churches page.

Q: What is Haines’ Population?
A: The official population was 2,392 at the 2000 census.

Q: What about internet access? Is there cable?
A: Haines currently has DSL service in many areas, satellite service is also available and dialup is available wherever the phone lines reach. See APT Alask , Hughesnet and Starband for details.

Q: Where are the nearest hospitals and doctors?
A: The SEARHC clinic is located in Haines. Next step up is Bartlett Hospital in Juneau. There are several doctors in Haines in private practice, as well as at the SEARHC clinic.

Q: How Can I get a job on a fishing boat in Haines?
A: There is no clearinghouse for crew jobs in Haines. You basically need to know someone or hit the docks in the spring and ask around. The harbor master might be in the know on this too or you could post your request on the bulletin board at the top of the dock. Be warned, however, without experience, getting a crew job is a long shot.

Q: Trying to find out when the Dustball Softball Tournament is going to be this year.
A: Check out for details.

Q: How do you get to Skagway from Haines to do White Pass Rail day trip?
A: Catch the water taxi across to Skagway from Haines. Details at Haines Skagway Fast Ferry

Q: When is Beer Fest?
A: The Annual Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival is held in May each year. See for this year’s particular dates.

Q: What are the hours for the border?
A: The USA border post is currently open 0700-2300 AST. The Canada border is open from 8 am to midnight. More details are available. We recommend calling ahead if there are any questions.

Q: Is it possible to drive to Haines in the winter?
A: Yes, the Haines Highway is well ploughed on both the Canada and USA side of the border. However it is wise to factor in the possibility of some delays in winter and always travel prepared to spend the night in your car (sleeping bags, food, water, etc)

Q: How do you get to Haines?
A: By road, air, or water. Visit the Getting to Haines page at the Visitor Center Website.

Q: What is the closest big city to Haines?
A: Juneau, the state capital. You can get there by ferry or by air (there is no road to Juneau). Whitehorse, the capital of Canada’s Yukon Territory, is about 250 miles way by road.

Q: Where can I find maps of Haines?
A: Just look at our maps page!

Q: Where can I read a brief profile of Haines?
A: The Chamber of Commerce has a good community profile on their website.

Q: How many people live in the Haines Borough?
A: About 1800 in the winter and 2450 in the summer, except when a cruise ship is in port (then the population doubles for a short time)

Q: What is the business climate in Haines?
A: Answers to that can be gleaned from the Chamber of Commerce website, the Haines Business Resource Center website.

Q: What is the weather like in Haines?
A: Take a look at Current Conditions for the weather in Haines right now. Also read the community profile for a seasonal description.